Insurance Brokers in Boston Offering Estate Planning Strategies

At The Buckley Group, we pride ourselves on working in conjunction with the most talented and dedicated individuals in the industry.

The Buckley Group has a 35-year track record of helping our clients create and preserve a legacy for their heirs. We couple our impeccable service with a combined 139 years of experience and a strong belief in continuing education to ensure that we are not only educated by our past successes, but always ready to address a constantly changing future economy.

For more than 15 years, The Buckley Group has been a forerunner in the Premium Financing arena, working with CPAs, attorney and brokers to assist their high net worth clients in maximizing their monetary legacies.

We work directly with client’s who have an estate need, and with other professional advisors to design a conservative, permanent protection plan. Our extensive understanding of each sector of this process and personal rapport with the industries’ major financiers ensures that this complicated process is smoothly navigated.

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Secure your estate with the right life insurance policy provided by The Buckley Group. We offer wealth management to help you avoid costly premiums due to your high net worth.
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Contact us to begin the premium financing process and reduce your policy premiums. Our experienced brokers are here to assist you in securing the right policy while
managing your wealth.

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Our Story

The Buckley Group is a firm comprised of insurance brokers who provide estate planning for wealthy individuals and business owners. We have offered a way for wealthy individuals to save 90% to 95% on life insurance premiums for more than 35 years. The members of our firm are part of the Million Dollar Round Table. For your convenience, we have locations in Brockton and Boston, Massachusetts.

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