Wealth Management for Large Life Insurance Policies

Business People

The Buckley Group in Boston, Massachusetts, offers estate management strategies to free up the capital your clients need to grow their businesses, while ensuring the legacy they have worked tirelessly to build is passed on to their heirs.

Premium Financing

If you have a life insurance broker with high net worth clients who could benefit from a premium financing program, The Buckley Group is here to take the complications out of helping them. We can save your client’s out-of-pocket life insurance premiums, and work with you to provide them with an extensively beneficial service. We work with individuals who have a net worth of $5 million or more to provide a permanent solution to preserving estates.

When you have a large net worth, estate taxes become a primary financial concern. We work with an insurance company to provide the right policy for your client’s needs and we vet highly rated lenders, to provide the coverage your estate requires.

Premium financing allows high net worth individuals to leverage portions of their estate as collateral. This frees up capital for continued business growth. By approaching life insurance funding in this manner, your estate value is permanently protected by a death benefit large enough to cover estate taxes and provide a legacy for your heirs.  

Premium financing is simply financing the premiums of a life insurance policy with a large death benefit of $10 million or more. It is a permanent solution if you need a large death benefit for estate tax purposes. You see the value in financing the premiums rather than paying for them.

Basic Structure
Every premium financing program is structured differently, because the needs of each individual are unique. However, almost all programs have a basic structure that they follow. For personal protection, the lender always has a relationship with an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, set up by the insured. The lender loans premium payments to the ILIT, and the ILIT, which acts as owner and beneficiary of the life insurance policy, pays the premiums. At The Buckley Group it is our years of experience and unparalleled relationships that make navigating these many moving parts as seamless as possible.

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